Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

I am always up to something and this page is for those of you who want follow along!  I try to keep things lively and have a wide variety of interests that is ever expanding. This is my first time writing a blog so feel free to comment or ask questions as much as you like. It is my hope that this page will be a source of inspiration to all who read it. Enjoy!

Here, I painted some river rocks that I found on my wanderings through Pixley Falls!

Aren't they gorgeous? I have some more stones I collected in Letchworth state park that are still waiting for beautification. The roses are my favorite so I will probably paint more of them (a bouquet?) in different sizes and have a little garden in a bowl! That would make for a nice centerpiece on the coffee table don't you think?

~Lady Whimsy
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