Thursday, December 27, 2012

Make your Own Giftbags!

Here's a purposeful repurpose for old calendars with beautiful pictures. Make them into gift bags for Christmas, birthdays, and other gift giving occasions!

I made a pattern that can be adjusted for the size of your calendar page.
Just draw it out on scrap paper first to make sure all the measurements work then cut out on the solid lines and crease on the dotted ones.

You'll want to fold the top section down first. Then glue the side flap so you have a rectangle.
Next, glue the bottom flaps to each other with the bottom side flaps tucked inside the bag.

Then, you'll need to punch two sets of holes in the top flap that was folded over in the first step.

I used shoelaces to make the handles but you can use whatever you like (yarn, cord, etc).
 Just tie the end like starting to tie shoes and string the rest through and knot the other end.
Try to make sure the handles are the same length.

This bag was pretty small but if you use more than one page and alter the pattern, you can make larger bags too!

Mike's Christmas coasters I made getting some use already!

There will be more Christmas posts to come including eggnog for breakfast recipes!!

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