Sunday, November 8, 2015

Gone Batty

Here's the new banner I made this year. BOO!
I always enjoy decorating for Halloween. This year's party featured some new decorations!

I keep this up year round and just change the message on the chalkboard. Thank goodness for chalkboard paint! It turned this pretty shaped plaque into one of my favorite decorations!

This year I cut out some bats from black paper and pinned them up in my blinds. These were cool because you could even see them at night from the outside when the lights were on!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Love ROCKS!!

Here's a cute project for curb appeal.

I collected rocks while out with my honey and painted them to decorate my front steps!
Be sure to use paints that will hold up to the elements if you are going to place them outside. I used acrylic paint that said 'interior/exterior' right across the front of the bottle. You could paint all sorts of things on them!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Grumpy Cat Cross Stitch

You'll notice I've been on a cross stitch kick lately...with Grumpy Cat! The one above, I made for a friend.

I saw this on vacation and knew I had to make it a cross stitch too! But this one is for ME.

It's so easy to make any picture a cross stitch. I just draw it free hand on the aida cloth and fill it in with 'x'es. Use a pencil in case you mess up- like I do..

Friday, August 7, 2015

Handmade Anniversary Card with Repurposed Rose Petals!

This is such a cool idea! Save your flower petals from a memorable bouquet from your Honey, dry and press them and then use them to make a heart for a card or scrapbook page!

I'm super impressed with myself right now.

Always gotta stay goofy!

Remove paint splatter from wood trim AFTER IT DRIES!!

So Oh my gosh! This is so amazing! When I bought my house, I noticed that the previous painters did a really bad job of coloring in the lines (see above). It really bothers me when I see paint splatters all over these lovely wood borders :( But these had clearly been there a long time and were definitely dried paint so...what to do?

You knew I already had an answer, right? Of course you did! Look how beautiful they came out!!

Here's another BEFORE picture. I just took an old toothbrush and dipped it in rubbing alcohol and brushed it away.

All gone!! Awesome. Easy. Done.
Here's another one I did^^  Before..
..and the amazing after!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

DIY Valentines Day garlands

I love decorating for Valentine's Day- it's one of my favorite holidays. Maybe that's because of the lovely colors involved (PINK!).
So I made some pretty heart streamers for the windows. They were really easy : just cut out a bunch of pink paper hearts and sew them down the middle, leaving a length of thread in between each one.

But the letter garland is my favorite so far! I saw something similar on and decided to make one of my own.
You just fold up some paper into envelopes and decorate them. Then I used some thread to string them together. Mine was made quite small scale but you could certainly  go big!

Have Fun!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Love is King (and Queen!) Easy DIY Valentines crowns from Toilet paper rolls

These are so pretty! and a great way to use up those tp rolls.. I hate just throwing them out so it's nice to come up with new ways to use them!

I actually recycled some wrapping paper from Christmas presents to cover the crowns too! Just glue it on, cut the crown shape and glue decorations on them!
You could put little holes in the side and stretchy strng to make them wearable. How cute would that be?!?!?!

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