Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY Sewing: Convertible dress from skirt

I can't believe I haven't posted about this yet! Yesterday I was thinking about what to post today and saw that I still had these pics on my computer. lol.

Above is basically how I did it in a quick little diagram.
Please excuse the rough illustration..

I started with this long, straight skirt that I was going to send off to the thrift store until I realized it was missing buttons..

Well, if I have to do some work on it anyways, why not turn it into something I will use?

and besides, it's such a pretty fabric..
So I cut a strip off the bottom (approx.4 inches?)
and hemmed the raw edge of the new bottom of the skirt.

Already the skirt had a lot more swing and movement to it- I almost just quit there!

Then, I cut the 4inch wide strip in half but at an angle so they would be longer. At this point, I hemmed all raw edges I had cut.

I only had to cut the strip once because my skirt had buttons down the front so I just had to open it up on the other end to get 2 strips of the same length.

If you're using a skirt without a button down front, you would need to cut twice- once angled like this and the other a cut straight up and down.

Next step is to sew each strip onto the waist band of the skirt.

Take the straight edge of one strip and pin it in place on the front of the waist band.
Repeat with the other strip then try it on to make sure you get the coverage you want before sewing it in place.

Now it's time to sew the top on! I stitched mine in place behind the waistband.

This is my favorite way to wear it.

I bring the strips up the front and cross them in the back then bring the ends around to the front and tie them in the middle!

Side view!

but it can also be worn as a halter or just as a skirt with the strips wrapped around the waist, or whichever way you can make it work!

Little Gaston is not much help to mommy with the sewing. If anything he's a pest and you just don't get between me and my sewing machine!

So he was put out and the door shut behind him but not to be deterred..
Reminds me of Jack Nicholson in the Jacob's Ladder posters!LOL

So? Whatcha doin'?


  1. Wow, that is creative and looks great! I can't believe that was a skirt.

    1. Thanks! Seriously glad I didn't toss the skirt like I was going to!

  2. Hi & Hello...
    You are Very creative :)
    I love your blog and Gaston is so adorable! Will be a regular here.

  3. That is very creative and thrifty too. I tried to learn to sew but don't have the patience for it and gave up, but I admire people who can do it. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Yeah, it can be overwhelming but I am taking my time and working up to more complicated things. I find that every mistake I make or obstacle teaches me more about sewing. Each time I have to think: why did that go wrong? and how can I fix it? It teaches me how to think in terms of sewing ::) Once you get used to thinking in those terms, it gets much easier! In the meantime, I'm having a mad love affair with my seam ripper..


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