Monday, November 14, 2011


I went out to visit my friend this weekend who had a four day weekend. Before starting out on our adventures, I made a nice seasonally appropriate breakfast of fluffy apple cider pancakes. MMMMMM.....

Naturally, we had to go dancing and Perpetual eMotion is one of the best contra dance bands. With only two incredibly talented members, this band makes incredible sounds! Among their many instruments are a fiddle, digeridoo (sp?), guitar, percussion (with their FEET!!!), and vocals. Here, Ed Howe wanders among the dancers while playing a waltz.

After the big dance events, we headed out to see MacKenzie-Childs studio, gift shop, and show house in Aurora, NY. This is the stunning victorian mansion that dates back to the 1800s! Sigh, one day I will live in beautiful house like this..

The inside of the house was even prettier than the outside! It is decorated, as to be expected, in MacKenzie-Childs style. I'm in love.

A chair in my favorite color!! and look at the footstool-it's a flower!!

and this amazing fireplace!

I love wicker furniture! and it's painted so beautifully. These colors are so perfect.

The first room you walk into upon entering the show house. 

This lamp is so cool!

Can you imagine going out and seeing this everyday? What an amazing trip! I didn't want to leave. If you haven't made it out there yet, this is a place worth seeing. Just be sure to leave plenty of time so you can see everything! We were there most of the day!

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