Saturday, September 10, 2011

DIY Hair Fascinator & the Roaring Twenties Ball!

The long awaited Roaring Twenties Ball was last night (I've been waiting since the end of the ball last year!). I will take you through the transformation from plain Jane 2011 to flapper Fanny 1925!
That's me up there fresh as a

Here I have my hair done in a faux bob and real finger waves by Marci at 1033 Main Salon & Spa (she really is amazing! and you can see more of her work if you "like"
our Facebook page: ), a little eye makeup, and, of course, PEARLS!!

I wanted to make a pretty piece for my hair so I took some grossgrain ribbon and put a running stitch through the bottom of the long end of it.  At the end of the length of ribbon, I pulled the thread to gather the ribbon until it started circling upon itself. I then ran the thread up through the layer above to secure the end of the ribbon. I used a craft rose (the kind that come on a wire stem) and ran the stem through the center of the rose. Then I wrapped the wire stem around a plain hair barrette. Now it's ready to go in my hair!

Feathers make this so much more eye catching! I just took some white craft feathers and stuck them into my hair around the barrette.  Glamorous!

I liked this angle better but I didn't get all the feathers in the shot..

Makeup is all finished! I even did the lipstick myself! This is a big deal because I am typically a non-makeup wearer..

In order to get my lips to look tiny and pouty ala Clara Bow, I used lip liner to draw the outline of the shape I wanted and filled it in with my lipstick then powdered the extra parts of the real lips (I always wondered how they made their mouths look so tiny!).

The last part is to take a lighter lip gloss and apply it to the center part of my bottom lip to make it look fuller.

I am in LOVE with this dress! Plus, I added some dangly earrings for extra glam.
All ready to go!

The bottom of my fabulous dress- so fun to dance in. The tassels brush my legs when I'm doing the Charleston!

Me and my two favorite flapper girls at the end of the evening. Whew! Time to call it a My leggies are hurting me today!


  1. You look amazing! I love the hairstyle! The '20s look is so sophisticated, isn't it? Thanks for linking up today.

    1. Thanks for hosting the link up and giving me a heads up, Joanne! That picture of the shoes was my fave on your post!
      I go to a lot of vintage themed dances so I am very lucky that my mom is such a talented hairdresser! I definitely challenge her with some of the stuff I want to do. lol.

  2. I love it! And it looks like so much fun.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Savannah! Every year, it is such a blast at that event. In fact that's where I met my man a couple of years ago! Score!


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