Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Whip it Up Wednesday: Button Upcycle!

Just for fun this week, I decided to try and do something cool with these boring old button pins (remember these?) instead of throwing them away.

They have flat front sides which are perfect for collage/decoupage!

With a few helpful items such as stamps, magazine images (I've been collecting these for a while- can you say HOARDER?), Mod Podge (my hero!) I created some masterpieces..

I'm reading about Marie Antoinette right now so that was my inspiration for this "Let them Eat Cake" button. Did you know that it is actually not likely that she ever said that?

Apparently, the poor people longing for bread had been ascribing the phrase to hated monarchs and aristocrats long before she had the throne of France!

This is a distinctly Alice in Wonderland inspired Pin. I love how it looks like everything is spinning into the center (which is a clock face)!

An Elegant silhouette on black lace paper. Simple grace.

So here they all are!

This button pin is adorable!  How perfect: If wearer is found depressed, ADMINISTER CHOCOLATE IMMEDIATELY :)

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  1. These are so much fun! I love the way you created them!

    Btw, thanks for stopping by and following! I just started a new giveaway and would love for you to check it out!

    1. Thanks Debbie! I had fun making them :) Thanks for the heads up about the giveaway too! You are so creative!

  2. Those are adorable, Conni! I will share this link on my blog next Friday since I already got a few links together for today. Thanks!

    1. Cool! Thanks Joanne, I like the way you are doing the Friday blogs, btw.

  3. Thank you for the information, I think this article is very useful for all who read it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed my post!


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