Friday, February 24, 2012

Free Sample from Burt's Bees!!

Hi all! I just wanted to let you know you can get a free sample of Burt's Bees lotion by liking their page on Facebook. Here is the link to their page:

 You get a choice of one of these terrific sounding scents:
                                                            1. Orange Petalooza
                                                            2. Vanilla Flame
                                                            3. Floral Cherrynova

I requested the Floral Cherrynova but the others sound good too! If only we could sample all of them.. If you pick a different one, let me know how it is. Please, pretty please!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Pin up Edition

So here it is! I promised you a pin up and the time has come to make good on that promise.

I worked long and hard on this one!

There were lots of photos of me in different poses that I pulled from to create this special portrait.

Here is the sketch. I filled in the skin areas first.

The finished product in colored pencil.
Valentine's Day was excellent!

That swet man sent me flowers at work and handed me this delicious work of art later..the Chocolate box full of, you guessed it, chocolates!!
Then we went dancing!! Then, a couple of days later we went to the dance flurry in Saratoga Springs!! A full weekend of dance!

Happy girl!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Handmade Valentine Card

This Valentine's Day I wanted a card to say exactly how I felt about him..

..So  I made one!

I even busted out my alphabet stamps :)

It was so much fun!
Did any of you make anything special for your Valentine?

I will post more next week but for now, I am off to the big dance weekend in Saratoga Springs!

To give you a teaser, next week's post will be very 'pin up,' so if you go for the vintagey and artsy stuff be sure to check it out!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Cute Little Chairs Project

Don't throw out those caps from the champagne bottle anymore!
These chairs were fairly easy to make and absolutely charming :)

These are perfect little injections of whimsy for a dollhouse or for your house!

Just unwind the wire that runs around the base of the cap (where the bottom of the chair's legs are in the picture) and use that piece to form the back of the chair. I wrapped the ends of that piece of wire around the back legs of the chair- pliers are really helpful here.

You can make all sorts of different styled backs for the chairs. This shape seemed to happen easily on this one.

Happy crafting to you!
Tip Junkie handmade projects

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Frilly Valentines for the ladies!

These are for my girlfriends. They are so sweet and girly!
Delicious! It just occurred to me that they are in conversation heart colors... I want candy.

It was pretty easy to make these, the hardest part being the 'what to put on each one to make it unique' part.

I drew this shape on paper and used it as a template to trace over thin cardboard (recyclers note: use cereal boxes since one side will be covered)

Cover the top half with newspaper and "dress" them up! I used stamps, lace, fringe, tissue paper, ribbon, images from magazines, embroidery thread, and markers.

You can cover the back with white paper or just write directly on the cardboard for a more vintage feel :)

I was thinking of running some thin wire through each side so they can be hung on a doorknob or something. Who wouldn't want to show these off?

On a sad note, a dear friend passed away last week so I was busy trying to find the right words for the darling woman he left behind.

Which left me wondering, why don't more people write letters?
We all love getting them, right? Or am I in a minority?
I just finished a book about a fighter pilot in WWII whose life was pieced together from all the letters he sent to his loved ones.
How cool is that?!?
Will anyone be able to piece our lives together when we are gone?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shabby Chic Banner of Love

This week I've been working on this love-ly banner for Valentine's Day, get it? lol.
How pretty this could be hanging across a mantel or in a window!

I cut 4 hearts out of a thin cardboard- cereal boxes would work.

Then covered them with music papers. As you can see, I stuck some torn bits of tissue paper in along the edges of some of the pieces.

The letters were drawn on to the extra cardboard (pretty good for freehand, huh?) and cut out with that red cutter-majig(try googling that 5 times fast!) tool in the picture. Paint them black and they're ready to go!

Accordion folds! Ribbon scraps!

I love the gorgeous tissue paper carnation on the "L" heart. Hmmm..could be an awesome tutorial coming soon!

These hearts have been glitter bombed! I punched a hole in the top so I could tie the mini bell on the "V"

The newspaper pinwheels were a nice touch. Another tutorial possibility...What do you think?
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