Monday, September 10, 2012

The Craft Room Begins

I'm so excited because last week I picked up this beautiful old chair for $10!
Reupholstery and wood finishing are new subjects for me but I think this will be a fun adventure.
Any suggestions on color schemes? I plan to paint the wood a nice fresh color and of course new fabric for the seat cushions.

The chair will be part of my craft room! We are going to be converting his old workroom into craft central!!! I can't believe he's giving me his tool room-

This is the before pic- YIKES!
The chandelier, green shelf and chair are my additions so far but we have to get those "man things" out of the way first!

I am going to have so much fun in here!
Also went to the art museum this weekend and saw 3 Monet paintings in person. This was my favorite of the three. There was a Tiffany's glass exhibit too. WAHOO!


  1. How exciting!! I can't wait to see what you do with your new space and that chair, just lovely!

  2. I will be posting more pics as it progresses, to be sure!Thanks for stopping by Debbie!


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