Friday, May 17, 2013

Garden Gnomes Galore!

OHMYGOSH! These were so much fun to make.

 I cut some pretty basic shapes out of colored paper (rectangle, half circle, triangles, etc) and glued together.

But where do you see gnomes but in gardens?
 So I decided to make him into a plant stake (translation: I needed to make him a little more durable).

Mod Podge to the rescue! Yes, my Mod Podge bottle has a superhero cape but that's another story...
Next up: get one of those handy, multi purpose wooden skewers (or you could use real plant stakes, but who does that?) and tape the cute little guy to it.  Tape on the backside.

Bah! Who can help but love this?! They are going to snazz up all the planters in my new apartment!

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