Friday, April 18, 2014

DIY Birthday Board ~Never forget a Birthday!

Found this fantastic frame at the Flea Market and knew I could use it for something! It even came with that pretty heart border~ what a steal!

I go gaga over details like this!

So I took everything out of the frame. The picture was on a piece of cardboard that I covered with some wrapping paper.

Now to use my other flea market find...decorative edge scissors (all four for $2!!!). Next, I cut out 6 squares 4"x4" ( I determined the size by the dimensions of my frame with the heart border in place, 16x12. Before cutting, figure out what size yours should be and how you want them positioned, etc). I used the decorative shears to cut each square in half diagonally.

Then I positioned them on the board like pockets and put glue just along the two edges ( the horizontal and the vertical edges). This way they are open on the diagonal so you can use it as a pocket!

Now for some tags! I cut my tags out of cardstock using a ruler as a straight edge (well, and to measure too). My tags are 2.5"x3.5". Punch holes in the tops and tie a cute ribbon through each one.

The tags fit in to the pockets. Each  pocket is a month of the year, so label the days on the tags and write in the birthdays of your loved ones.

Oh! I almost forgot! Make little cute labels for each month and glue onto the corresponding pocket. I used leftovers pieces of cardstock from making the tags and some markers.

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