Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIY: Recycle Junk Mail!

As you all know by now, I love finding ways to recycle, reduse, reuse!

So this week I am bringing you a quick, easy way to dress up your mail while recycling the extra junk mail envelopes that come in your bills, credit card offers, etc.

It's a perfectly good, useful envelope other than all the stuff printed on it!

I use mine to mail smaller items when I sell things in my online store so I make sure to put my blog info on there too!

These can also be used for personal mail. Guess what, people love getting personal letters.
I like the "tag you're it" image I found in a magazine because it's a cute way to say " hey! write me back!" :D

This is such an easy project but I bet you hadn't thought of it!
Find nice images or patterns in magazines or other junk mail that will cover the spots on the envelopes that have writing/print on them and glue them on! Use markers, stickers, glitter, paint, etc to make the envelope your own!


  1. Looks interesting buy what do you do about the front of these envelopes? They usually have an address printed on there.

    1. You can paste images on the front too and use white labels for the addresses. When I mail things from my online sales, I just put the prepaid postage label there and it usually covers the whole front.


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