Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beaver Lake and Spring pics

I went to see the Maple Syrup tour and these are some containers that the Indians would use to make & store maple syrup!

Beaver Lake.

Every once in awhile, a fish would jump up out of the water but never when my camera was ready!

Everyone else is super creeped out by these trees but I thought they were pretty cool. See the eyes?

It's like the forest was watching..

Yucky swamp pic BUT look at the orb!!!
I got an orb in one of my pics!!

Winding, Floating path through the marshlands. It was so surreal.

Mr Turtle wanted to say hello

The fuzzy vine winding up the tree is apparently Poison Ivy! Yikes!! Good thing I didn't touch it! lol.
If you see this, stay away.

I love how close we were able to get to the deer!

Sweet little bambi- oh that movie makes me cry..

On a brighter note, the trees are flowering already up here in NY!!

I just love cherry blossoms and daffodils!!

So beautiful.
It's always such a treat when Spring arrives after a dark gray winter.

I also caught this white squirrel in mid flight!

This tree bark is so neat- like a color by number!

Well, those are some of my latest adventures. Where do you like to go to see nature's beauty in Spring time?


  1. Oh, you made me homesick! I'm from upstate NY, and all I've been thinking about this past month is that the sap is running right now. I miss this time of year; it just doesn't have the same sense of excitement and rebirth here in Cali where the weather, even when bad, is never quite that bad.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    1. Sorry to make you homesick! This is the best part about life in NY- the change to Spring is so glorious!


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