Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Healthified 5 Ingredient Boston Cream Cake

You're gonna love this one!
The cake is just a box of cake mix blended with 1 & 1/2cp seltzer water.

Bake at 350F as instructed on box.

Mix up a batch of French Vanilla Instant Pudding as instructed on box.

Let it set briefly.

Pour over cake and spread evenly.

Mix up a batch of Chocolate Instant Pudding (I only had the cook & serve kind- pain in butt) as directed on box.

Pour over cake and vanilla pudding.

Ding! Done.

So all you needed was:
1 box yellow cake mix,
1&1/2 cp seltzer water,
1 box French Vanilla Instant Pudding
1 box chocolate instant pudding
4 cp milk

oooey gooey deliciousness

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