Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Incredible Stuffed Blueberry French Toast

You won't believe how easy it is to make this fancy breakfast piece!
First, make french toast.
Most of you know how to do that already but for the beginners:
Beat 2 eggs with a dash of cinnamon until it looks like the picture above.

Dip bread slices (2 eggs is just enough for 4 slices) in the egg mixture. Be sure the egg covers both sides.

Then, coat a frying pan with spray and cook both sides of the bread (until they don't look soggy anymore).

See my new PINK frying pan up there??
We went to Virginia for a weekend and the man insisted on buying it for me to keep at his place- as long as I ALWAYS put it away in the far back corner of the cupboard! lol.

Kitty break!

ok, so here's what your french toast should look like. I made four slices.

Mike forgot to stop and get cream cheese so I had to send him out for it while I was making the toast...

...and he came back with these! and cream cheese.

So now we just need to make the filling.

Wash your blueberries!
Warm up the cream cheese (half a block/4oz) in the microwave. 30 seconds was perfect for mine.

Stir in about 1/4cp confectioner's sugar (more or less depending how sweet you want it) and cinnamon to taste.

Put a bunch of berries on one slice of french toast.

Then spread the cream cheese mixture on the other slice and put them together. mmmmm!

oh! I almost forgot, I sprinkled more of the sugar on top

We took our dads to a car show on the lake for Father's Day where we saw this contraption!

It's a Ranger pickup with among other things, a fish tank in the trunk!!
There are real freakin fish in there!!!!

and a dragonfly landed on my arm and hung out there while I walked! Good luck for me, I hope!


  1. I never heard of or thought to make a french toast sandwich with goodies inside like you have here. Great idea!


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