Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Making of a Parade

Last weekend I helped organize a parade in smalltown USA. How many people get to say they've done that?!?

We even were able to watch it go by!

...and see a Who! Oh my goodness,

This was probably my favorite float- live music ( yes,I wanted to dance) They were really fun.

after a hard days work..

We've been slowly introducing our cats to each other. Slowly because the black one is a bit territorial but here they are sitting quietly (look how close they are!)for a few moments enjoying nature.

oh my gosh, whatcha lookin at little guy?

Sweet Mustang for sale I spotted on my way home. WANT!!

Father's Day ideas anyone?
Seriously, I need to come up with something.
Maybe a cruise night..


  1. Your kitty cats look adorable. We introduced a new cat last year to our other cat. It didn't go so pretty. They can be in the same room as long as they don't get to close to each other.
    Are the shoes a size 7?

  2. Yes, This is the second time we've put them together. The first time was pretty bad but this time they warmed up after a couple of days.
    The shoes are a 7 1/2. They have some wear on the inside but they are a gorgeous pair of vintage shoes! Feel free to take a look at them on my shop, I put more pics up there.


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