Thursday, September 1, 2011

Framing my pretty

I came across some pretty cross stitch patterns in a craft book a month or two ago and needed to frame them- or do something nice with them rather than just let them sit neglected..
So I found a couple of old frames and set to work making them more presentable for my lovelies.

Ahh.. that's much better! All I did was wash and dry it then put a thin layer of paint on but not filling in the spots that didn't pick up the color because I was going for a distressed look.
Next, we frame it.

First, center the back from the frame on the backside of your piece of embroidery.

Now wrap the fabric around the back from the frame. I just used packing tape to secure the edges (In case I decide to change the frame at a later date it will be easy to remove the tape. I'm super indecisive
This frame didn't have a clip to hang it with so I had to get creative..Pop tops are soooo handy!

This one still needs a frame but I love bobbed hair. I think I was a flapper in a past life ;)

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  1. ohhh how pretty! Your embroideries are amazingly beautiful and your frame is just perfect! Thank you for sharing your project over at Crafty Scrappy Happy Me Thursday!
    Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy


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