Monday, December 12, 2011

The Real Bedford Falls

I went to Seneca Falls, NY this weekend for {surprise} another dance event. But seriously, Mike and I got third place in the dance competition!!!!!!GAH!!

 Seneca Falls was Frank Capra's inspiration for Bedford Falls, hometown in the classic movie It's a Wonderful Life.
Look! It's the bridge like the one George Bailey jumped from in the movie!
This car was parked right out front of Martini's Bar. How fitting!!
We heard that Martini's bar was indeed an actual business in town so we had to check it out after the dance.
Of course, there was this sweet little plaque that reads: Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings

The bartender was so welcoming to us gawkers!
My date and I dressed up in our finest 40s gear. My hairdo was quite a hit- 2 victory rolls up the sides and a bow made of the rest of my hair in the back! I wish I had taken a picture of it for you!
This couple has been married for 65 years and dancing!! Way to go! I hope I am still dancing at their age.

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