Monday, December 19, 2011

The Pancake experiment: Chocolate Milk Pancakes

After the last batch of pancakes, Mike said suggestively,' I wonder...what about chocolate milk pancakes? hmmmm...?' HAHAHA, says I, then I started wondering myself..
He happened to have some pancake mix in the cupboard  and he ALWAYS has chocolate milk ingredients (it's his favorite).

So I just used chocolate milk where the box called for water.
The batter kind of tasted like cocoa krispies!

Who says you can't play with your food?
Raspberry buttons and eyes and chocolate syrup scarf.
There's nothing frosty about this snowman!

Happy fella!

So funny to see a grown man in a tie eating a snowman pancake!! Love it!


  1. No way! This sounds delicious! Did they come out fluffy or were they a little more dense with the chocolate milk? I think my hubby would absolutely love these. Thanks. I'm moving on to checking out your beer pancakes next.

  2. Nothing dense about these babies! They were light and fluffy maybe even more so than if made with water like the box suggested.


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