Friday, March 2, 2012

Lindy Hop Steps Made Easy: Wiggles Routine (solo jazz dance moves)

Okay folks, I've had a rough week so there hasn't been much(or any) activity on here this week and I apologize.

Last night I went dancing to help me feel better (works everytime!) and met a great bunch of newbie dancers and a couple of more experienced ones too who showed me some new stuff (like Balboa moves and some more Charleston).

So today I've been scouring youtube for fun stuff and came across this lady's educational videos. She's got a bunch of how to videos for solo jazz moves that are super fun!

And by the way, I've danced to Glenn Crytzer and the Syncopators live many times!!! That's music in the background :)

Above is a routine she put together with instructions on how to do it! So get in front of a mirror and try it out now! You'll thank me later ;)

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