Friday, June 17, 2011

Camping and Sewing

 Two things that don't always go hand in hand but in my case, I had a nice two hour train ride on which I was able to bust out my needle and thread! That's the beauty of hand crafts- you can take them with you! I will rarely be seen waiting without something in my hands. Since I was going camping, I had "rugged" on the brain when I decided to revamp an old pair of cut-off jean capris.
Here they are before the makeover...booooring!

I decided to put some patches on them to liven them up.  First, I cut out two squares from two different fabrics that looked nice together. Then, I fused them onto the leg of the jeans with an iron and fusible web in the place I wanted them. All I had left to do was stitch around the outsides so I threw them and a needle and thread into my bag for the journey.

Here's the finished patches up close. I zig zag stitched around the outside of each patch (just be careful not to sew the legs together) and then voila! They are ready for summer!

All I did to dress them up a little was run a pretty scarf through the belt loops and tie it on the side.
And now for the camping pictures...
The sunset looks like it came straight out of a Maxfield Parrish painting!

And the oldest covered bridge in the US was right on one of the hiking trails in Glimmerglass State Park!

Here's the view over Beaver pond. We almost picked a campsite here but the spot we ended up with was much better and a much shorter walk to a real bathroom!
Forget the Baseball museum. This is where we had lunch...The back of the Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown. Absolutely the most picturesque place I have ever eaten with a fabulous view of Lake Otsego!! Plus, it was right across the street from the Farmer's Museum, another neat place to wander around.
Afte all this adventure, it was time to catch my train. Fortunately, it was running late so Chris and I practiced our swing dancing on the platform to the song in our heads. Oh, crazy kids these days! ;) 

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  1. Very pretty capris, I love the covered bridge. very nice pictures Thank you for sharing


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