Monday, June 27, 2011

Movie Monday!! "The Best Years of Our Lives"

So Movie Mondays are where I will review the movies I have watched recently and give a thumbs up, down, or hovering somewhere in the middle.

Today, I' m starting with "The Best Years of our Lives" from 1946. This is about 3 men returning from their service in WWII who have to return to the lives they left behind.

 Homer is a sailor who lost both his hands in the war and now must face his family and fiance`. He and his family have a hard time adjusting to his disability and Homer does not want to be a life long burden to his girl. His story had my tears running.

Al (played by Fredric March)is returning to a family that has grown up without him.  He feels like he doesn't even know them anymore and has to start all over again. Fortunately, they all love him very much and that makes it much easier! His wife is played by Myrna Loy so there are plenty of laughs in this movie too!

Fred (played by my boyfriend Dana Andrews) was a fighter pilot <sigh> and when he comes home, he can't even find the wife he had met and married within a month of going off to war. Turns out, she took a job at a night club and moved into an apartment while he was away. While he can't find her, he runs into Al..and his pretty yet sensible daughter, Peggy (see where this is going?). When Fred does find his wife, she turns out to be a gold digger type and is not satisfied with their new life on a smaller paycheck.

I adored this movie! It made me cry, laugh, and fall in love. Thumbs up!

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