Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Embroidered Dreams

So my boyfriend and I had our one year anniversary a few weeks ago and I wanted to give him something AMAZING, of course, but not just some useless little knick knacky thing (guys don't do knick knacks, you know). SO...I finally came up with the idea to embroider some pillow cases! 

It was so exciting because they are beautiful AND useful. I came across a design but I didn't have all the stuff to transfer the design to the fabric so I just freehanded it on there with a lead pencil (fortunately, I am artistically inclined).  The fun part was picking out the colors to use in it!  I was even working on it on the train ride out to visit him- he lives a couple of hours from me :(  He had no idea, hahahaha!
They came out really well and now he can be reminded of me every day! Not that he needs reminding...

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