Saturday, June 25, 2011

Make your own disco ball!

Here's a fun craft to use up those old CDs that come in the mail. It's super easy and we could all use a little extra shimmer in our lives!

All you need is
one or two unwanted cds( like those AOL ones I saved for god only knows what reason!)- or more depending on how big you want it to be
Gray or silver paint- I used acrylic but you could use spray paint too
1 styrofoam ball- mine was about 3-inch diameter but you could certainly go bigger
String/ yarn if you want to hang it and a needle or other tool to make a hole in the ball

Here's what mine looks like:

First, I punched the hole through from top to bottom using a yarn needle.

Then,  paint the styrofoam ball with silver or gray paint (I used acrylic paint and a paint brush but that was a little messy so you might rather spray paint it)

While that is drying, you can cut up the CDs into small pieces with craft scissors. I found it easier to cut random shapes than to try to make them all the same size and shape.

Next, glue the CD pieces onto the ball in whatever order you like. I glued them in small sections allowing them to dry before glueing more on so they wouldn't slide around.

Last step is to add the string. Fold the string in half and slide the folded end up through hole in the bottom so that you have a loop come out at the top and the two ends should still be hanging out of the bottom. Tie the two ends in a knot large enough to keep them from sliding through the hole.

How cool is that? I think I will hang mine on the christmas tree this year. Or out on the cherry tree over the summer to keep the birds away. Or in a window to reflect the light. Or....maybe I should just make a few more! Let me know what you do with yours!

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