Friday, July 15, 2011

Dress alterations before and after!

So I was going out and I wanted something new to wear..

I had been given a bag of medium sized dresses a while back and I am a small so I had a little work to do before parading them out for all to see. They were all such pretty dresses that I couldn't get rid of them- not when there was a chance I could make them fit!

Here's what one of them looked like before I messed around with it.  Can you say SAGGY?
So for the first time ever, I put darts in the sides and...
Voila! success! It looks great and I danced the night away in it with no wardrobe malfunctions :)
Plus, I acquired a darling little kitten and named him Gaston after Louis Jordan's character in Gigi (my favorite movie ever). He is only 8 weeks old and precious as can be..

This is my little Gaston on the ride home
Now he just has to get used to my 2 yr old lab who apparently is afraid of him..HA!


  1. Hey nice dress in the kitten picture!

  2. awww! what a cute kitten!

  3. Very nice and so cute! Love Gaston... though it makes me think of Beauty and the Beast more than GiGi!


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