Monday, July 25, 2011

Movie Monday!! Mildred Pierce

I've had such an active social life this past week that I almost didn't watch any movies! But fortunately, I did get one in, Mildred Pierce. Yet another in my Joan Crawford phase (can you tell I've been reading her bio?) this one won her an academy award! This was the first movie she made for her new studio (Warner) after MGM let her go (ironic?). Take that MGM! Ha!

It begins with a murder in classic film noir style and then the process of figuring out who dunnit. At the police station, Mildred must tell the story of her life.

She begins married with two young girls. Her husband loses his job and begins a love affair with another woman so Mildred throws him out and gets a divorce. With two children and bills to pay, she takes a job waiting tables but tries to keep it secret because her oldest daughter, Veda, is a spoiled snob who looks down on that profession (among many others).

Eventually, Mildred decides to open her own restaurant because she wants thankless Veda to have everything she didn't have and Veda has expensive taste..

She buys the building from a formerly wealthy man, Monte, who she falls in love with. Now, she must pay for both Veda's and Monte's expensive whims. Luckily for her, the restaurant is a success and she opens several more but eventually, their spend thrift ways wear down her wealth and she is likely to lose the business. 

She goes looking for Monte when she discovers that he has double crossed her and is trying to sell part of the restaurant. When she finds him, well, you'll have to watch it to find out the real twist at the end!

Great film! It is definitely worth watching even if stuck up Veda gets on your last nerve (she needed some good old fashioned discipline in the form of a sturdy belt). Thumbs up!

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