Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Movie Monday!! The Dancing Lady

Sorry Movie Monday!! is a day late this week but better late than not at all, right?

The Dancing Lady stars Joan Crawford and Clark Gable in a much better pairing than the last one I reviewed. This movie has an interesting cast including Fred Astaire in his debut movie appearance as her dance partner in the end of the movie {squeal!}. Also in this, is Franchot Tone, Joan's future husband, alongside her lover (Clark Gable ). Those Hollywood people are so interesting who needs soap operas?

This is the story of a burlesque dancer, Janie Barlow (Crawford), determined to be a Broadway star. She meets a handsome, rich, well connected playboy, Tod (Tone), who wants to "further her career" and be her leading man. When she fails to get in on her own, she allows him to pull some strings and is put in the star role of the next show directed by Patch Gallagher(Gable).

In the meantime, Tod decides he wants to marry Janie but she is focused on her career and turns him down. He suggests a compromise such that if the show fails, she will marry him and if not, then she can continue her dancing career. Of course, she doesn't realize that he is the main financier behind the show and naturally, he pulls out so the show must be cancelled and he can have his girl.

 Patch refuses to go down so easy and decides to put in his own money and that of some friends to put the show on anyway with another girl in the main role. He bumps into them in a bar and gives away Tod's dirty secret causing Janie to rethink her engagement and begs to be reinstated in the show.

Patch's risk pays off and the show is a big hit! Now Janie is the star she had worked so hard to become.
I thought this movie was very entertaining (there was even some comic relief from the 3 stooges) and well done. This was Crawford and Gable's fourth of eight movie pairings.

 Go find it. Thumbs up!

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