Monday, August 22, 2011

French Ladies Skirt

Here's my latest project- making my plain, old skirt pretty!

This is the sketched design I put on it. The tough part was deciding which color to use!

I finnally settled on Blue thread and outlined the French Ladies design.

Now there's a stylish skirt.  No more plain Jane for you!

I also went to a friend's wedding last weekend. Don't tell anyone but weddings get me all teary eyed. I didn't feel any actual tears come out, though (managed to get that under control, which is good since my younger brother was there too! That would give him more to pick on me for..).

I had a great time (the open bar helped) and danced the night away.  Brittany was stunning in her fabulous gown and the bridesmaids were all lovely as well. I truly hope she will be happy in love for the rest of her life.

That cake was amazingly delicious. I'm not usually impressed with the cake at weddings (except for how gorgeous they are) but I could have gone for another piece of this one!

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