Thursday, February 9, 2012

Frilly Valentines for the ladies!

These are for my girlfriends. They are so sweet and girly!
Delicious! It just occurred to me that they are in conversation heart colors... I want candy.

It was pretty easy to make these, the hardest part being the 'what to put on each one to make it unique' part.

I drew this shape on paper and used it as a template to trace over thin cardboard (recyclers note: use cereal boxes since one side will be covered)

Cover the top half with newspaper and "dress" them up! I used stamps, lace, fringe, tissue paper, ribbon, images from magazines, embroidery thread, and markers.

You can cover the back with white paper or just write directly on the cardboard for a more vintage feel :)

I was thinking of running some thin wire through each side so they can be hung on a doorknob or something. Who wouldn't want to show these off?

On a sad note, a dear friend passed away last week so I was busy trying to find the right words for the darling woman he left behind.

Which left me wondering, why don't more people write letters?
We all love getting them, right? Or am I in a minority?
I just finished a book about a fighter pilot in WWII whose life was pieced together from all the letters he sent to his loved ones.
How cool is that?!?
Will anyone be able to piece our lives together when we are gone?

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