Monday, October 17, 2011

Birthday bash weekend with Frank Lloyd Wright!

Mom and my brother had birthdays this weekend! Yay! I made cherry coke cupcakes and frosted them with  (made from scratch) whipped cream.

and ohhhh were they good..
After indulging a little, we headed out for birthday karaoke- the best kind of karaoke, of course!

Then, we went out to Buffalo, NY and toured two of the Frank Lloyd Wright houses. This one is the Martin house. Soorry no pics of the inside allowed :( It's ok though, the inside wasn't all that, if you ask me ;) It was actually very dark and enclosed feeling, I thought. Not a place I would like to live in but very cool looking from the outside!

FLW focused on the horizontal going so far as to carry it into the brick work. You can see here that the horizontal spaces between the bricks have a deeper indentation making those lines stand out. The vertical spaces between bricks are filled completely.

So while the building overall looks very squatty and close to the ground, it is actually a very tall two story house! NEAT!

I just love this with the overhanging plants. It looks like a cascading waterfall. Ahhhh.. There were also several examples of the FLW stained glass windows in the famous Tree of Life pattern that was created for this house.

This was the Martin family's summer home at Graycliff also designed by FLW.
Notice how you can get a glimpse of the view over the water through the house thanks to all those fabulous windows!

So pretty.. They are still restoring the inside- and believe me it needs a lot yet- but I'm sure this place will be stunning when finished!

Can't go to Buffalo without stopping at the original Anchor Bar, where the Buffalo wing was invented. These were by far the best wings I've EVER tasted. The spicy barbecue sauce was perfect!

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  1. I think it would be so interesting to see the inside. I think the outside & grounds are beautiful. Have a great rest of your week!


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