Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gone to the Sockhop!

Hey peeps! I went to a sockhop last weekend! The flower in my hair was handmade by yours truly- isn't it perfect?! I hope you love my pin-up style ;)

This was actually me at the end of the evening. As you can see, my curls wore off so I pinned them up so I could keep dancing in style! LOL.

They insisted that I do this...Coca Cola need a new model?

We danced my feet into oblivion from 7 to at least 2AM!! haha, my feet were beyond sore the next morning. People loved watching us swing dance, though, and I love to entertain!

 I even won a pair of movie passes for my look :) That was super exciting--I never win anything can no longer be in my phrase book!

We went to a bar afterward and kept dancing! Apparently, Swing/Lindy can be done to just about any kind of music including rap and disco!! Woot!

I even got to be a Beatle!! Can you tell me which one?

My date for the evening. He drove two hours just to take me dancing! What a guy!

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