Thursday, October 20, 2011

Live for TV recording!!

 My favorite song is on their album Intergalactic Mustache Parade, which I have and LOVE!! They are also on Facebook and have a website. I tried to upload a video but it was taking too long. You can probably listen to them on their website, though. Be sure to show them some love!
I went to see the Po'Boys Brass Band play live one night and it turned out, I knew the band's manager! She invited me to join them for their live for TV recording at WXXI! I'm gonna be on TV!!! <squeal!>

These guys were awesome! 3 count 'em THREE trombones right up front!! Ok, so there are only two in the picture but there was another one on stage, you'll just have to take my word for it.. They played some fantastic funky blues music for us.

Here's TV studio. It was so fun watching the cameramen in action! The series airs in January.

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